Château de Versailles

To increase its attractiveness by offering a new experience of visiting the castle.

Our approach

  • Redesign of the user experience of the applications based on iOS and Android uses and ecosystems;
  • Integration of the client in the various design phases;
  • Study of on-site usage to challenge our vision;
  • Modernisation of the brand image through a clean design, with the congratulations of the Apple design team;
  • Custom development of a content management back-office to feed the website and mobile applications;
  • Custom development of two native and universal applications (smartphone + tablet) integrating Mapbox & Mapwize mapping solutions and the Batch push solution.

Our results

An application rich in content and services that enhances and facilitates the visit of the castle, thanks to a close collaboration with our client since 2016.

  • Design

    UI/UX Design, Art Direction

  • Client

    Château de Versailles

  • Development

    Universal application, iOS +6, Android