Promoting the different Nespresso coffee ranges and making them available to the public anywhere, anytime, such is the promise of the NCube machine on which Sedona’s teams have carried out the entire application part. More than a classic “Vendor Machine”, the NCube can be deployed worldwide from a simplified and centralized administration interface. Through an uncluttered touch interface, the result of research by our UX experts, consumers can select their capsules, pay for them using their blue cards or loyalty cards and then collect the capsules automatically delivered in a dedicated bag.

Our approach

  • Important work carried out in the search for a powerful and consumer-friendly user interface: Our UX/UI team worked closely with Nestlé’s teams to define the most suitable user path and thus propose a new way to sell its products;
  • To propose an innovative technology based on the use of microservices that are operated within AWS services;
  • To propose a remote administration interface allowing a user to manage the entire machine park and at the same time to define the interfaces for each market/country individually;
  • Integrate natively all the means of communication/interfaces such as barcode/QrCode reader, NFC, RFID, as well as complete payment management (credit card).
  • Design

    UX/UI Design

  • Client


  • Development

    Microservices, Quarkus, AWS Technology